These pages contain data dealing with the results of trades on different exchanges most popular in Moscow. If you think that any other instrument should be added, please, write to us and we'll try to fulfil your wish.

There are three parts here: Results, History, and Graph.

The page Results contains the total summary of the instruments we trace. It is updated as we get the appropriate information.

The page History contains the full price history we have applicable for technical analysis. There are files in CSV format with extension .PRN

When you click on the reference a window with the data of the following format will appear. Every line except the first one corespondents to one period of trades and contains the following prices: open, high, low, close and also volume and open interest (for futures) separated by commas.

The first line describes the content and order of the data. It uses the Metastock format. That means that you can easily transfer the data to the program for the analysis.

For that it is enough to save the file using function "Save as..." of your browser to any directory (folder) and then directly convert it to Metastock format using MS Downloader.

Additionally, you can open saved file with Microsoft Excel. If necessary you can use Excel to convert the data to any other format suitable for your technical analysis program. The page Graph now contains only one, namely of the most speculative instrument RAO EES on Micex. Probably, in the future others will appear.

Please be notified that the prices presented here are not always equal to the official prices of the exchanges. In particular we sometimes discard deals that according to our opinion are accidental and therefore disturb the indicators.