Joint Stock Company "MITRAH"

The software we offer

The first file here is not a program itself but a keyboard layout driver for Russian language for Windows 95/98 kbdru.kbd. It is done due to Microsoft decision to move dot and comma from their usual place in the upper row to the place they are on the English keyboard. It is quite inconvenient for the ten-fingers-typists. Moreover, it is useful always to have dot in the lower right corner of the keyboard independent on the language choosen. In order to install the driver it is enough to copy the file kbdru.kbd into the folder Windows\System and reboot.

Now the keyboard driver for Windows NT, XP, 2000 appeared kbdru.dll. It has the same layout as above. To use it on XP and 2000 it is necessary to bypass the system files protections mechanosm. It is possible to do using kbdru.bat having both files in a same directory.

The reports to our customers are packed. To unpack them use lha.exe

To see the reports you can use the program Bred Mostl handy use of it is under famous program WinZip. To do that we start WinZip and open Options -> Configuration. Open thumbnail Program Locations and in the field LHA: set the path to the location of lha.exe on the local computer.

To check the speed of your computer use Wintune 97

Trading program

To install run the downloaded file and anser all questions. There will be a new folder in the place you choosed in which the executable to run will be placed.