Joint Stock Company "MITRAH"
13.10.2015 After several years of non-working the sharesholders had desided to sell the Joint Stock Company "MITRAH". The details can be found here        NEW!
18.07.2007 Today Sberbank has splitted its stocks. In order to perform technical analysis you can find the revised history on the History page
15.04.2005 As it is known there was a fire on night to Wednesday, April 13 in the Central Post office where we rented our office. The fire was stopped about 15 meters far from the room. So we had to evacuate. Therefore call 505-2185 instead of 921-7572. Besides this everything is OK.        
18.11.2002 Tickers and expiration date for December futures on FORTS are changed in "Quotations"
30.10.2002 The volume data for American indices changed in "Quotations"
09.11.2001 Beginning with Monday 11.11.01 in "Quotations" there will be only 1-minutes intervals for RAO EES, LUKOIL, Sberbank, and Surgutneftegaz from MICEX.
16.08.2001 10-minutes intraday data for Stocks Surgutneftegaz on MICEX are added to "Quotations"
25.06.2001 10-minutes intraday data for Stocks Norilsk Nickel on MICEX are added to "Quotations"
15.06.2001 Some of our people have passed exams to get an "attestat" from The Federal Commission for the Securities Market. Here are the questions on the Base exam and on the Special exam 1. We cannont guarantee that the answers here are all correct. But we are sure this is enough to pass the exams. If you are sure there is an wrong answer, please write us
15.06.2001 10-minutes intraday data for Stocks LUKOIL and Sberbank on MICEX are added to "Quotations"
23.04.2001 The May festivals are coming. Our congratulations. 28-th is a working day instead of 30-th. So we don't work from 29-th to 2-nd. And the 9-th we celebrate.
06.04.2001 MICEX futures are added to "Quotations"
14.03.2001 Last week a new hymn (words) was accepted by the State Duma. Honored Mr Vladimir Voinivich offered a new varinat of the hymn, that you can read here.
08.12.2000 Today a new hymn (music only) was accepted by the State Duma. Honored Mr Vladimir Voinivich offered his text of the hymn, that you can read here.
29.11.2000 The references to the resources were added to the title page.
24.09.2000 Now you don't have to download the whole history to update your Metastock data with the latest information from the Russian Exchanges. To the "Quotations" on the page Results we add a file ready for Metastock's Downloader.
17.09.2000 A page with the Results of the trades is added to "Quotations"
22.08.2000 A graph of Stocks RAO EES on MICEX is added to the page "Quotations"
17.07.2000 To the page "Software" we added an archiver lha.exe needed by our clients to open the reports they receive
10.05.2000 10-minutes intraday data for Stocks RAO EES on MICEX are added to "Quotations"
09.05.2000 Index Dow Jones Industrial is added to "Quotations"
30.04.2000 Our congratulations with the Spring Festivals. Traditionally in spring many people celebrate the moment of passing the Equinox. Some of them even celebrated this event as a New Year. Ancient Israelites had Passover, Christians - Easter. During "regime" in our country when officially the church had no influence to the society it was celebrated on May the 1-st.
It is thought that this is the time when the Powers of Light take advantage over the powers of Darkness and the prosperity time comes to Earth.
Additionally May 9th is a 55th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Russia.
For us it means that we don't work on the following days of May: 1, 2, 8, and 9 while May the 6th we be the working day.
26.04.2000 Good people send me an MP3 file. If you understand Russian it is funny to listen to it :-)))
25.04.2000 The patch for SuperCharts EOD 4.0 is updated to 10 from 9.
07.04.2000 The patches for SuperCharts EOD 4.0 are added to the page Software
05.04.2000 The patches for Metastock are added to the page Software
19.03.2000 New page Software is added
07.03.2000 The design of the site is changed
05.03.2000 The date of file update is added to "quotations"
01.01.2000 Merry Christmas and happy New Year! The timetable of MICEX activity during holydays you can find here
22.12.1999 We started operations on Stock Exchange "Saint-Petersburg"
09.12.1999 The "Mitrah" Company become a member of Stock Exchange "Saint-Petersburg"
13.07.1993 The company was established and registered by Moscow Registration Palace.